Empower Hour

1:1 coaching call with Hava to get all your questions answered, reassurance about normal infant sleep and the confidence you need to thrive

This is for you if...

✓ You’re looking for some reassurance and encouragement with your sleep situation, and confidence in understanding your little one's sleep.

 ✓ You’re looking for a low-prep, easily accessible option for sleep support.  

✓ Nothing major going on and your child is fairly content, but you’d like some expert advice on sleep and learn some tips to meet your family’s sleep goals  

✓ You’re looking to make some tweaks and adjustments to sleep or direction to get on the right track.

What's included in Empower Hour

 ✔   60 minute coaching call with Hava to answer your questions and discuss strategies to benefit sleep  
✔   The recording of the call sent to you so can listen back when you need to.  

✔   Any additional hand outs or resources that pertain to your situation.    ** Does not include a comprehensive sleep assessment, sleep plan or follow up support.  

Investment for Empower Hour: $59

Frequently asked questions

Are you wondering if your child’s sleep is normal?

Do you want to understand your child’s sleep patterns and needs within the context of responsive and attachment focused parenting?  

Do you need help figuring out ways to improve your child’s sleep without sleep training?  

Do you need some confidence, guidance or reassurance in your parenting journey?  

Is your child between the ages of 0-4?

If you said YES to any of these, then I can't wait to connect with you! 

We can chat about anything and everything within our coaching hour!