Independent Sleep Through Connection

This course is your gentle, responsive and attachment-focused strategy guide to solo sleep

Ready to set your little one up for successful solo sleep?  This course is your gentle, responsive and attachment-focused strategy guide!  

Course Summary

 This course is for you if you...

👉Want to transition away from only contact naps (And still want to bedshare at night!)  
👉Want to transition to solo nighttime sleep (but still want to contact nap!)  Want to do a little bit (or all!) of both!    

As part of this course, you will receive  
👉Over an hour of video/audio        
👉A beautifully designed 75+ page E-Book Guide with ALL of the tools you need  
👉Worksheets, checklists and additional bonus resources  

All the best practices and strategies you need to make the transition successful and responsive to both your needs for a change and your little one's attachment and emotional needs

What's inside 

Making transitions in the content of attachment and emotional health .

Learn about the role that attachment and emotion plays, not only in sleep, but parenting as a whole

Sleep foundations: how to set up your little one for optimal sleep.

Set your little one up for success with solid routines, optimal environment & sleep associations (and YES you can still nurse to sleep, or anything else you love!)

How to choose and set up your little one's sleep space.

Information on cribs, floor beds and sidecar cribs How to choose the right space for your child, safety considerations, and how to prepare.

Everything you need to make the transition.

Tons of tools to manage the most common challenges that families encounter when supporting solo sleep, as well as tangible strategies and sample plans. 

This course had everything I didn't even know I needed to get my 100% contact napping and cosleeping son 80% into his crib after only 2 weeks. I honestly thought it would take so much longer, but everything seemed to click.
Liza & Eryn
I can't thank you enough for creating this guide. After struggling for months thinking that there was so option other than sleep training to get miss 8 months into her crib, I bought your guide on a whim. The best $ ever spent as after 3 weeks she is 100% sleeping on her floor bed. We are starting with nighttime sleep this week! I can't even believe it.
Thank you for this course! It was easy to get through, everything was laid out in an easy-to-understand way, and yet covered everything so that I finally felt like I knew how to start getting my son to sleep on his own. And he did! I never thought it would happen without crying, but there were literally no tears (or even stress!!!) involved. Only a couple weeks and I FINALLY have "me time".


This course is designed for children over the age of 6 months, but many of the strategies can be implemented at any time. This course provides you strategies for both babies and toddlers to transition sleep spaces & independent sleep.

Crying plays a crucial role in your baby’s communication. Baby’s can cry for many different reasons, from hunger, discomfort, or frustration to many more. I cannot promise that your baby won’t cry; it is not our role to control our child’s emotions but instead, support the emotions with empathy. What I do promise is that I will never tell you to leave your baby alone to cry or that it teaches them to be independent. You will be equipped with the tools to support your baby and encouraged to follow your instincts at every step. You will never be pressured into doing something that doesn’t feel right.

If you're here, you are not looking for a quick fix, but desire to deepen your connection with your child, while making the changes to benefit the entire family,

 Gently encouraging a baby to sleep independently and transition to a new sleep space will take a different amount of time for every baby. Unlike separation-based sleep training methods, I do not make guarantees.  Your baby isn't a robot!  However, I have provided a sample schedule to make the transition in 2-3 weeks.  I encourage you to follow your instincts and change at the pace that is best for your family & little one.  These holistic, attachment-based methods set you up for real, lasting, better sleep. You’ll build a foundation of connection & attachment that will pay off countless times throughout your baby’s life.  

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Hava | Raised To Flourish Sleep Specialist

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