Courses and guides to support you and your child to better sleep

The Ultimate Sleep Guide for 0-18 Months

Get more rest and feel confident improving your child’s sleep in the first 18 months.  

Get all the tools, knowledge and confidence to feel empowered in your sleep journey and maximize sleep with truly responsive and science backed strategies for better sleep, so you can feel good AND it works.

The Complete Toddler Sleep Guide

Genuinely gentle strategies for improving your toddler's sleep, and responsive tools to navigate sleep changes.

 Whether you're ready to start enjoying bedtime and nights with your toddler instead of dreading it or looking for truly gentle tools to make sleep changes this guide is for you

Independent Sleep

Workshop & Guide
Ready to set your little one up for successful solo sleep? This course is your gentle, responsive and attachment-focused strategy guide to transitioning from bedsharing and/or contact napping to independent sleep.  

Making Changes to Sleep Associations

Workshop and Guide

Perhaps rocking, bouncing, or feeding to sleep is no longer working for you or your family and you want transition your child to a new way of falling asleep.   This workshop will take you through truly supportive and gentle strategies to make the change, in a way that honours your needs and your child's emotional well-being.

The Peaceful Nap Guide

A gentle, responsive guide to peaceful naptimes with your little one. All the foundational knowledge you need to set your little one up for optimal sleep, and solutions to common naptime challenges.